RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

A guaranteed job

A Job Guarantee means full employment. Modern apprenticeships, traineeships, micro/small business incubators and co-operatives. This means empowering people to invent their own future

Free education from pre-school
to post grad

High quality public education (early childhood, primary, secondary, vocational, tertiary and post-graduate) will be free to all citizens. Existing student loans will be forgiven

Free health care

High quality health care will be free for all permanent residents and citizens including dental, mental, psychological and emotional health care

A roof over everyone's head

All Australians will be provided with housing and adequate food if they are unable to afford and secure these for themselves. A dignified weekly income for those unable to work is guaranteed

Less fossil fuel
more renewables

Investment in renewable energy will be encouraged and made directly by the government to convert Australia's economy to carbon neutrality before 2040

Foundations for a better future

Invest in infrastructure, including free and better public transport, and free and faster NBN for households. Dramatic increases in government investment in R&D

Addiction is a health issue

Drug addiction will be treated as a health problem not a criminal issue

First Nations Peoples

Acknowledging sovereignty was never ceded, the First Nation Peoples’ rights must be protected by a national treaty before constitutional recognition occurs

Fair international trade

All trade agreements will be reviewed for their fairness and real costs and benefits for all Australians


Human rights in all refugee processing centres will be guaranteed and all existing internees relocated to mainland Australia for timely processing

International treaties and conventions

All international treaties and conventions we have signed that relate to civil liberties and human rights will be reflected in all relevant Commonwealth statutes

Liberty for all Australians

It is the responsibility of our elected representatives and officials to uphold, protect, and advance our liberties, not the opposite

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