RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

A Real Deal Tax Regime

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement aims to drive real progress in our tax system. Progress that is based upon a truly progressive tax system.

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement believes that tax should be used to establish a progressive, equitable, just and motivating socio-economic framework, (within our communities) and for our nation.

This Real Deal Tax policy affirms the essential point that our economy should serve the owners of our Common Wealth - all Australians - not just the 1%. By implementing this policy our Common Wealth government would usher in a new age of real progress and equity in our nation. An age which would have both social and economic benefits, because low income individuals, families and business owners would spend everything they earned into our economy. It is a real progress orientated tax regime that appropriately rewards ordinary Australians. This is the opposite of the existing tax system where PAYE employees pay an unreasonably amount of tax and big companies and wealthy individuals pay little or no tax. To this end the RepresentUs Movement proposes the following personal and micro business tax rates.

Personal & Micro Business Tax Rates:

In a RepresentUs Movement common wealth government all taxes will be reviewed to ensure alignment with the important facts and principles of the RepresentUs Movement and the realities of Australia’s monetary system.

Taxes will be designed to conform to the following principles for sustainable community development:

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