RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

Foreign Affairs & Australians Aspirations

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement's position towards foreign affairs is that we will not support any multi-lateral or international forum that reinforces the principles of Neoliberalism.

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement rejects the notions that inform Neoliberalism, (that everyone and everything should be treated like a commodity to be transacted), recognising that the current political elite are so captured by this malformed belief that they are impotent to act upon the clear and evident threat that climate change represents to our nation.

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement rejects Neoliberalism, because it promotes an undemocratic, authoritarian leaning and elitist mythology that is undermining the sovereignty of nation states and weakening democratic mechanisms and institutions globally. The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement will advocate against any manifestation of this intrinsically malformed ideological mythology in all national and international forums.

In keeping with its commitment to an open and democratic society the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement acknowledges the clear and evident threat that climate change represents to all Australians. Climate change is therefore central to the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement's foreign policy. 

In addition to addressing the existential threat to all Australians that climate change represents, the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement is committed to a foreign policy based on the following principles: