RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

Food Quality, Security & Affordability

The starting position for the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement's food policy is that everyone has a right to a safe and healthy variety of food, as their fundamental human right. Where this is not able to be provided to them the Common Wealth government will underwrite the development of policies, systems, procedures and processes to guarantee all Australians are provided with the opportunity to eat a healthy and nutritiouis variety of food.

From a public policy perspective 'the movement' is concerned with how food is sustainably produced, processed, distributed, and purchased. For this reason, we are committed to making sure that all Australians are assured of a secure and stable and unpolluted supply of food - where a reasonable and fair return to producers and consumers - is front and centre. The security and stability of food production and distribution cannot sustainably happen within an industry lacking diversity in any of its supply and distribution channels. Therefore, 'the movement' is also concerned about having a sustainable, diverse and competitive food industry where any monopolistic and anti - competitive behaviour, (such as has been historically demonstrated by Woolworths and Coles) is significantly curtailed. 

Insofar as regional communities, (through agricultural activities) contribute a significant share of the total of Australian GDP they need to be more fairly treated by state, territory and federal governments. Equally, because agriculture contributes around 1.6 million jobs, it is beholden on both agricultural employers, and our Common Wealth government, to provide fairer terms and conditions of employment to all agricultural workers.

For all these reasons, the RepresentUs - Australia - Movements agricultural policy will require: