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RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

Full Employment For Everyone

Our employment policy is informed by the belief that our Common Wealth government should be actively involved in job creation as it was for most of the last century. Therefore, the RepresentUs Movement believes that our representatives in our Common Wealth government should be actively involved in investing some of our Common Wealth in precisely that - our Common Wealth. This national job creation initiative means a guaranteed job when someone needs it.


Because when the private sector is in an economic downturn it is not just socially good policy for our Common Wealth government to become the employer of last resort - it also provides a far better inflation anchor - than the current one, which relies on artificially high unemployment, under-employment, and hidden unemployment.

How would it work?
A National Job Guarantee Initiative would translate to a national investment in local community social businesses, which support our natural heritage, our environment, our communities and our people. Why? Because this is what makes up our Australian society and our Common Wealth. A National Job Guarantee Initiative would not compete with private sector jobs, because it doesn't have to. There is plenty of activities that we need to work on - in Australia - for the greater good of our Common Wealth.

A Better Inflation Anchor
The remarkable thing about this initiative is that it responds flexibily to the ebbs and flows of the labour market. This means when there is increasing demand for labour in the private sector that our Common Wealth nation Job Guarantee initiative will naturally reduce. However, in tough economic times, (when the private sector is not employing enough people) our Common Wealth government picks up the slack.

What is Real Full Employment?
REAL full employment - means a targeted REAL Natural Rate of Unemployment at around 1% to 2% - not the neoliberal ideological mythology of NAIRU, which targets unemployment of around 5% - and massive underemployment and hidden unemployment - informed by dishonest measures of employment and unemployment. For example, how dishonest and absurd is it that if a person has one hour or more of paid employment in any week they are considered employed ..

The RepresentUs Movement actively supports and encourages business, however, we also believe that all Australian business should be committed to making a positive contribution to our Common Wealth. RepresentUs believes that our Common Wealth Parliament representatives should be making sure that the most economically vulnerable members of our nation are treated justly, whilst being positively motivated from our tax regime. (see our tax policy) However, we also recognise that some profit orientated business who exploit our Common Wealth, and do not give anything back to our communities - and our nation - are not benefiting the owners of our Common Wealth and should be taxed accordingly.

For these reasons, the RepresentUs Movement's employment policy includes: