RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

Injustice anywhere - an Attack on Justice - Everywhere:

The thinking & attitudes that inform the RepresentUs Movement are guided by the assumption that injustice anywhere is an attack on justice everywhere. So, we need to reboot the way politics currently functions in Australia to enhance our civil liberties – not constrain them. We need to build a more socially just – egalitarian - and inclusive society – not the opposite.

One of the starting points in the model for the RepresentUs Movement is that the way democracy is evolving in Australia over recent decades has had an unhealthy shift away from a normal and healthy democracy. From 2013 this has become more pronounced – particularly the aberrant behaviour in the public sphere & the manipulation of political competition, which has resulted in our nation becoming more authoritarian and less democratic

Australian Democracy:

This spider graph represents the nine democratic functions (Individual Liberties, Rule of Law, Public Sphere, Competition, Mutual Constraints, Governmental Capability, Transparency, Participation & Representation) upon which the concept of democracy relies. It highlights the strengths & the weaknesses of Australia with respect to the nine democratic functions in 2014 - in comparison to seventy other countries - in the same year. In the ‘public sphere’ and ‘competition’ of ideas the reader can see we are starting to become much less democratic - than the average of the other seventy democratic societies - we are compared to. We have to change this for the future of all Australians and those that come after us.

Freedom of association is a fundamental pillar in the public sphere of any democratic society and it has been negatively impacted in recent times in Australia. Equally, the integrity of the level of competition in our political system has become considerably compromised in recent years as well. This type of behaviour - driven by political leaders - is making our democracy less stable so we need to work to address these dangerous trends.

This is your movement

The power of us - the people - is far more powerful than the people in power. If all of you who visit this website join the RepresentUs Movement, there is nothing we cannot achieve together.

Transparency is the Enemy of Corruption:

Our representatives - these days – to whom we have entrusted the power to be good stewards of our Common Wealth – are often more concerned with slicing and dicing our pie - to the benefit of an ‘entitled’ few.

The RepresentUs Movement is united in the belief that if our representatives are truly not for us – the people – and only keep promises, whilst in election mode - it is time to replace them with representatives who are truly by - from and for us - the people. Independent representatives who truly are independent of any vested interests, whilst being committed to a shared positive and sustainable vision - for their communities - and our nation.

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Walking the Talk:

The architects of the RepresentUs Movement recognise that we need to construct a model of how a political movement can behave - to build - and maintain positive political change. To this end, one of the underpinning assumptions of the development of the RepresentUs Movement is the premise that an open and democratic organisational system needs to provide a model of the way political behaviour should be exercised at a macro level. This notion presumes in a political movement that there is a healthy and robust balance between the interdependent values of freedom and equality and the necessary controls to constrain the potential for abuses of power by making all leaders truly accountable.

Our Purpose is Positive Political Change:

Having honest and uncorrupted politicians who truly represent our interests is not enough. We must also have political parties and organisations that function in a manner that supports and enhances our open democracy and moves us to a sustainable society. So, having a new and improved democracy must be about providing all Aussies with the opportunity to vote for honest and incorruptible individuals who truly understand what we need and want our futures to be.

For these reasons, the RepresentUs Movement provides a political and social model that authentically involves and engages our members. We reject the out-dated political formula - that politics is only about power and lining one’s own pockets - at the expense of good public policy that benefits most Aussies.


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