RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

The Arts

Australian art and culture as an expression of Australian culture has a rich and ancient tapestry extending back to the oldest surviving culture in human civilisation. Based on more recent evidence this means that Australian art and culture extends back over one hundred and twenty thousand years. 

The inherent value and use of cultural expression to Australian society is immeasurable. It also provides a unique opportunity to see into the heart and soul of our nation.

The nature of creativity and its symbiotic relationship with our lives, our communities, our economy and our Australian society - and its place in our world - are unique. This is why the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement supports significant investment of our Common Wealth into all of the creative industries and activities. This is also why the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement will always actively promote any individuals or creative group who aspires to manifest any type of creative career or project.

Our greatest resource are Australians - so investing in the development of cultured, creative and innovative minds - for all Australians - should always be an important priority of any Common Wealth government.

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement believes that a crucial component of reclaiming and rebuilding 'the lucky country' will be to support and nurture a rich, diverse and robust creative sector in practical and clearly articulated ways. To this end, the RepresentUs - Australia - Movements support for creativity in our nation will include: