RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

RepresentUs - Australia - Think Tank

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement

Is three independent community service providers who support 'the movement'.

The RepresentUs Think Tank

The RepresentUs Think Tank exists to support 'the movement'. It will do this by providing all the infrastructure that is necessary for each RepresentUs organisation, and the Community Representatives they support across our nation. This means every Community Representative does not need to invest anything to become a Community Representative candidate other than their time and passion for positive change for our nation.

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement

Is independent RepresentUs state and territory organisations who are set up to manage the campaigns for their jurisdictions of all the Community Representatives - who will represent their state and territory communities - in our Common Wealth Parliament. After the 2022 Common Wealth election, the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement will put more of its resources towards developing campaigns for state and territory and local government campaigns.

Independent Community Representatives

This movement is focused on providing Independent Community Representatives who are committed to the principles and important facts of the movement, which underpin their shared understanding of what a sustainable national policy vision for Australia should be. These principles and important facts are the scaffold from which our open and democratic society will be refreshed for the greater good. These principles and important facts are therefore central to the purpose of the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement. However, it is also critical that 'the movement' protects the independence of the candidates it enables.

Each Independent Community Representative will have their own fuly enabled digital campaign and constituent engagement platform and volunteer supporters. This is to support them in continuously developing their communities constituent engagement initiatives, before, during and after they have achieved representative office.

No Independent Community Representative will be required to invest any of their income towards anything that is provided to them by the think tank or movement. This is because 'the movement' aims to open up our representative democracy to people that are committed to be champions of our open and democratic society not syncophants for vested interests or high society. Being a participant in our open and democratic society should never have been about how much money you have, but rather, how much passion for lasting, positive and sustainable change you want to help happen.

However ..

Every individual who intends on becoming an Independent Community Representative needs to formally commit to a code of ethical behaviour and conduct, which is a formal guarantee to those who support them that they will maintain the highest personal and public standards, whilst being a candidate and a representative. In addition, they will be required to agree to the terms and conditions governing the use of the proprietary digital platform from the RepresentUs Think Tank. Crucially important is that every Independent Community Representative will also commit to a shared vision of what a national public policy road map towards a positive, sustainable future for our nation looks like. This is publicly available on this website

It is time in our nation to have Independent Community Representatives who truly believe in representing their communities not vested interests or narrow personal or ideological agendas. Independent Community Representatives that have the best interests of our people, our communities, our natural heritage - our nation - and our planet - at heart.

Independent Constituent Engagement Program

The Movement is committed to making sure that every Independent Community Representative it supports is truly committed to authentic engagement with their constituents and their communities all of the time. This is why we have an ongoing and clearly articulated constituent engagement program, which all Independent Community Representative's are actively involved in on an ongoing basis.

The 2022 Election & Beyond

After this first stage of the movement has been successfully launched in the 2022 Federal election, 'the movement' will significnatly expand its activities into state, territory and local government campaigns. This is because our open and democratic nation needs refreshing at all three tiers of our government - not just in Canberra. 

How The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement Is Different?

For the first time in Australia's political history there is now a way for all Australians to become directly involved in representative roles, (and any public policy), which directly impacts on their families and our communities.

Building a Fair and Sustainable Australia:

Australia is a wealthy country. Yet we have millions of Aussies living in poverty and hundreds of thousands of them being kids under fifteen. RepresentUs Australia is here to draw a line in the sand - to actively support the rights of all Australians - to a fair go. RepresentUs Australia aims to make sure that ALL Australians are authentically independently represented, including those communities that have been lied to, ignored, violated, damaged - and beaten down - by successive major political parties that have failed to represent them.

Wage a War on Poverty not the Poor:

The public policies of current and past representatives in our Common Wealth government have amounted to waging a war against the poor.

The Independent Community Representatives who are central to the RepresentUs  - Australia - Movement will be in our Common Wealth Parliament to wage a war on poverty not the poor. They are united by this core objective along with a number of other important public policy goals which you can see if you click here

This is your movement

The power of us - the people - is far more powerful than the people in power. If all of you who visit this website join the RepresentUs - Australia - Movement, there is nothing we cannot achieve together.

Our Common Wealth:

Our RepresentUs - Australia - community believes that our representatives in our Common Wealth Parliament should be fearless champions of open and democratic society. They should be wise stewards of our common wealth and tireless in rejecting corruption of any form - in any place - including Canberra.

Our elected representatives should be independent of any vested interests other than the people that voted for them to be their representatives.

The RepresentUs - Australia - Movement also believes our Independent Community Representatives should be united by a shared positive - and sustainable vision of the future - that is informed by evidence not neoliberal ideological mythology. We believe it is self-evident that public policy should also be based on what is best for the families and the communities our representatives represent - and our nation - not vested interests.

Are You Ready?

Well-Being Over Neoliberal Ideological Myths:

Economics is a contested discipline. Economists cannot agree on how the economy really works and over the last 100 years they have changed their mind about how the economy works and how to manage it. Fortunately there are a global group of economists who are not ideologically blinkered, who stick to the data and the facts of how a modern economy works, to understand it, and manage it more effectively. This school of economics is called Modern Monetary Theory and it is the intellectual counter punch to neoliberal mythology.

MMT economists have charted a clear way for the economy to be managed for the benefit of all.

The body of knowledge the global MMT school of economists have produced allows us to reject the blatantly false and self-serving Neoliberal theory foisted upon a trusting public by our so-called representatives. This ideologically driven Neoliberal mis-representation includes the absurd notion that a government that issues – or creates - its own currency is budget constrained – it isn’t.

What would you do if you learned that the government's budget does not decide how much it can spend? What would you do?

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The RepresentUs Movement acknowledges the inalienable rights of the First Nations Peoples and the fact that they never ceded sovereignty over their land.